Noah Galaviz

Born, raise and currently residing in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Noah Galaviz has been involved with music since he was a little kid. Forced into talent shows since kindergarden, Noah has grown a passion for music and entertaining people. In 5th and 6th grade Noah started playing violin and switched to Percussion in Jr. High. He continued playing percussion up until college. Freshman year in High school he began to learn bass guitar and quickly transitioned to guitar. ¬†Noah then frequented karaoke bars in the DFW area many times a week. He then got an opportunity to run karaoke for a few years which helped develop his voice. He started a cover band with his brothers and friends and played an local bars in the DFW metroplex. He also played guitar for a few local bands as well. He currently DJ’s wedding and performs Acoustic gigs and plays guitar for a local band called Moonlight Native. He also enjoys recording music at his home studio.